How to impress your girlfriend on her birthday
How to impress your girlfriend on her birthday

The 1st thing you think about your girlfriend’s birthday is about what to say to my girlfriend on her birthday. Your mind keeps thinking about different ideas for the birthday gifts and words of love that can impress her.  You start thinking about the day months before her birthday only to make her day extra special. But if you are still confused about what to say to my girlfriend on her birthday, then this is the right place where you have landed.

What to say to my Girlfriend on her Birthday

The words that you need to choose should be quite thoughtful as you need to make her feel special and at the same time take care whether you don’t say something that might hurt her internally. In my case, the things would have been the same about what to say to my Girlfriend on her birthday, so after thinking a lot I think that my thoughts correlate with many of you.

You can have a deep conversation about your life and her’s more often. Show some interest in the life events that have been occurred in her life. Because you cannot just speak the things in your heart directly. You need to have a repo built before you speak the main thing and that too make sure she doesn’t get bored.

5 things that clear your doubt of “What to say to my Girlfriend on her birthday” –

#1. Greet her with surprises and then say,

“I spend the happiest moments with you. I share the saddest part of my life with you. We enjoy the funniest moments when we are together. I know today a special person was born like the fairy in my life. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.”

#2. Make her feel special by saying,

“I need to tell you that without you I’m incomplete, that’s why I always like you to meet. You know I have friends quite a few. But no time of my life exists where I don’t think of you. This day is so special as it’s the birthday of my girl. Happy Birthday my Love! ”

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#3. If she is naughty, say,

“This was the day when my love was born, she is my fairy from my favorite p0rn. Whenever I think of her special day, she knows what I actually want to say. Something special is going to happen today, pleasing each other celebrating your birthday. Happy Birthday Sweetheart,”

#4. If she likes humor, say,

“When the day you were born, all the people around were so happy & pleased just because that small baby gave a cute smile and you were just beside him crying :v Happy Birthday My Sweetheart :D”

#5. If she is funny, say,

“I don’t know why he is more important to you than me. I just can’t see you laugh like him. Giggling all the time when a joke cracks. Every time you laugh like him and at the top of that you tell me he is your favorite. I made this video especially for you. Watch it you will understand what I’m saying.”

These are the best things you can say to your girlfriend on her birthday. Just make sure you don’t start with these. Make sure you build something interesting before pitching the final thing to her. Given above are the best things that I personally have tested with my different girlfriend of different friends as they had the same doubt what to say to my Girlfriend on her birthday.


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